About us

The history of the company dates back to 2000. We began as specialists in internet marketing. As time has gone by we have spread our portfolio and now we specialize in all aspects of software development.

Today in addition to production of made-to-order software, we are also focus on products from the area of “electronic education”. We offer a wide range of courses and guarantee their safety because we distribute them on our e-learning platform.

One of our biggest goals is to create environmental friendly programs that manage to humanize computers for the everyday person.

Today our company has 4 competence centres:

  • Consultation – here we discuss and deal with your requirements and find suitable solutions for them
  • Applications –  made-to-order software development
  • Education – new unique video courses, language courses, made-to-order courses, educational platform
  • Testing – testing of employees and applicants for a job

The credo of the company is to bring solutions that are the most optimal for your business.