On 3 July 2010 we brought to life the 3. Educational system generation – Cool English. You can find the latest information about smart language learning method on the WEB pages of Cool English.

On 10 June 2010 the specialized education of the irregular verbs (using the method of Cool English) came out to the market. On the same day we introduced a mini course for pronunciation and spelling education.

On 1 June 2010 we brought the latest and most modern English language educational system focused on our company clientele onto the market. The language education proceeds by a new attractive and effective method – „Cool Business English“. Further information found at;

On 1 April 2010 the actual strategy of the company focused on new markets in the educational area, especially in language education. Our partners want to educate themselves but have little time. Under the thumb of the economic depression companies have begun to realise that only the expanse on the global market can enable their growth.

On 15 October 2009 our company ran the updated vision of electronic education platform. This vision is properly tested and fully compatible with new Windows 7. We keep pace with progress!