A lot of working activities in your company or office have their own rules – it’s called processes. Our information systems, including „ Conferences and tasks“or „Application forms“, are created for immediate use. We have many other solutions prepared such as „ Project subjects“, „CRM – Customer relationship management (including contact information, offers, orders, projects, invoicing and payments), „ Attendance“ or „Project management“.

We programme customer systems – systems that fit your requirements. We use proper technologies for random solution level. Our programs are processing millions of files a day. We have years of valuable experience in the area of telecom operators such as exchanging call records, inter – operator billing or setting panel.

We have solid different internet applications for our customers such as:

  • Program Tickler file, that supervises random deadlines
  • Server for searching vacancies
  • System for monitoring temperatures
  • System for administrative grants and grant titles
  • Information system for supporting interest in technical branches
  • System for loyalty account management of telecom operator
  • Systems for ordering sports complex

We are ready to listen to your requirements, accomplish their analysis and propose a solution. The inseparable part of our solution is a connection to other information systems – we can connect with different systems with open interface or special interface.