Today’s society is rightly called “The Information Society”. The base of every activity is; skills and knowledge. Therefore it is necessary to educate yourself all the time. Continued education is a vital part of our life because; it increases opportunities, gives us valuable tools for our future and can be great fun!

The employee is the most valuable commodity that any company possesses. Remember “Your business is only as good as its employees”. A company must take care of its employees, therefore education is an excellent way to care for the employees and increase your business performance.  This “care” is a great investment for your business.

Education can be viewed from many angles – classical educational system (apprentice training centre, secondary school, university …) or further training (seminars, courses, training, postgraduate training, etc.).

Within education we are focused mainly on language and management courses. We don’t try to create a lot of courses, but our aim is to produce high-quality courses that provide the biggest amount of information. These courses are prepared by the most modern methods – e.g. language education is prepared with the knowledge that many people are learning English but aren’t able to make understood. The new method brings improvement in the area of language education.


Our English courses are focused on classic and business English – it is called Cool English and Cool Business English. If you properly study this unique English learning method, you will be able to understand native speakers without any problems and your spoken English will improve dramatically.

Management courses

Management courses are the second area of education. We have prepared two excellent courses: “Project management” for project managers and production foremen. These courses tackle the important subject between employer and employee and will be a useful part of personal development.

Time management

In the third area of education we have decided to focus on the most sensible area in the human activity. It is working with “time” – Time management. This course will provide you with all the tools you need to effectively run and manage your time.


The fourth educational area is marketing. Marketing allows you to sell yourself, your business, your service, your products –in fact this list is almost endless! However selling is an art and it takes great learning and confidence. Our course “Don’t get lost in the marketing” helps you to use marketing in practice. This course is led by an expert who has had great success in marketing.

The advantage of our courses is management module for personnel manager who can plan training to employees in the company. The manager can also create further courses or tests for his company’s needs.

Everyone who completes one of our courses is provided with a certificate.

You can find all details about all our educational courses at