Testing...  Why test?.........We hear this question very often.

Simple example:

The personnel manager is given the task to find a new employee. This employee must have a good knowledge of how a computer works. When the personnel manager is looking for a suitable applicant he or she will receive many CVs and everywhere is written „I can work with computer at user level“. This is a common situation and with our testing system, we have a simple solution. Our system tests your applicants simply, quickly and smartly. You will save a lot of time! Moreover nobody can blame you of not being objective.

Further example:

The man looked really fabulously during the interview! He had perfect presentation skills. But after some time you realise that your team is being ruined…people are leaving their jobs and the mood at the workplace is under threat and has become negative. What happened? The perfect presentation skills had masked the negative character of the person who then ruined your teams.

What to do? You can psychologically test your team. We offer a complete testing system for your team. We can test the personality of your employees and check their ability to work in certain circumstances and situations. Several thousand people have gone through these tests with dramatic and inspiring results.

Made-to-order tests

It can also happened that you have your own tests prepared – e.g. tests about knowledge of your product or service or even psychological tests. Our specialist will help you to put these tests in the automatic testing platform easily. Then you do not solve the evaluation of the test – you simply see the result immediately.

Moreover this testing system involves gadgetry that reveal cheats if there are any! Why not take a look at our testing system for more details.…