Affiliate marketing

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Become our business partner

One of the most interesting options is to participate in our affiliate programme, a partnership commission system. This programme is used most frequently by website operators who place our advertisement on their site, and we pay them a commission for purchases made from us by visitors to their site.

What is expected of you

Passive affiliate partner – communicates our services in passive marketing activities such as a banner on his own website.
Active affiliate partner – communicates in any marketing activities, distributes annoucements/tips/offers/notifications about our products and services to friends, customers and/or user of his marketing channels (web site, email, Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc.).

What do we offer

The basic commission is 25% of the amount spent with us by customers you have referred. The commission also applies to all payments which such customers makes with us in the course of the following 90 days. If you are successful in promoting us, we have prepared other bonuses for you as well according to your turnover.

How to become our affiliate partner

If you're interested in this form of cooperation, let us know about that by sending message on


The affiliate programme is not intended for sites with topics such as discrimination, potential criminal activities, potential illegal software, potential hacking/computer crime, adult/sexually explicit, tasteless and offensive, intolerance and hate, violence, weapons, spyware, phishing and fraud, illegal drugs, pornography, gambling, etc.